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Night Cream 101 – How to Compare Brands to Find the Right One For You

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It’s time to admit it: those little lines around your eyes are beginning to get some attention. You know, the kind of attention you don’t want. What’s a girl (or guy) to do? Start by finding yourself a formula that even works while you’re asleep. It’s time to compare night creams.

One of the reasons why those lines are beginning to crease your face may be due more to your skin’s need for hydration than age. Whew! Now, it’s time to compare night creams to find the one that’ll work best on you. Remember, not every evening lotion is created equal and just because your best friend swears by hers, doesn’t mean it’ll even work on you. https://pharmalabglobal.com/shipping-handling/

The # 1 rule to finding the very best over the counter night cream is to READ the LABEL! Look for organic ingredients that nature designed to help rehydrate the skin. This includes one or two of these important wrinkle busting ingredients:

o CoQ10 – otherwise known as Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a super powerful antioxidant that helps to restore skin to its former health by removing damaging free radicals from the skin and helping it produce newer, healthier cells.

o Cynergy TK – great at boosting collagen levels, Cynergy TK is a more natural way of giving your skin the collagen it needs to keep wrinkles away.

o Wakame Kelp – a form of Japanese seaweed that helps to preserve collagen in the skin.

o Honey – all types of honey help to seal in the moisture our skin tends to lose as we age, but Manuka Honey, derived from New Zealand has shown to be extra-effective in reducing wrinkles and repairing damaged skin cells.

Another good tip to comparing formulas and finding the best one for you is to look for ingredients that may actually harm your skin – and your health. It is not uncommon at all for popular brands to contain potentially dangerous ingredients such as:

o Parabens – toxic preservatives that have been linked to breast cancer in several recent studies. They may be listed as: butyl, ethyl, propyl and methyl.

o Alcohol. A drying agent, alcohol based ingredients that go under the names benzyl, ethanol, ethyl and methanol can all cause skin to flake, itch or feel generally irritated.

o Mineral Oil. Used as base oil in many products due to its lack of expense, mineral oils such as petroleum, liquid paraffin and paraffin wax have all been know to clog pores and cause skin irritation.

Although this is just a few of the chemicals that many skin care products contain, there are others to be watchful for. One trick many experts suggest when comparing over the counter night creams is to stay clear of any products whose ingredients you’ve never heard of before or are very hard to pronounce because they sound “scientific.” In most cases these ingredients are synthetic chemicals and not natural ingredients.

Comparing brands of night creams isn’t always easy, so here are a few final tips:

o Don’t consider cost. Just because a product costs a small fortune doesn’t mean that it is the best. Actually, some of the least expensive skin care lotions and face creams are also the most effective.

o Don’t buy a certain brand just because someone you know swears by its results. Everyone’s skin is different and if you use a night cream for someone with oily skin and you have dry skin you’re going to have problems. Be sure to always check and see if a specific product is designed for your skin type and problems or concerns.

o Consider the source. The more natural; a product, the better chance it’s actually going to work.

o Start with a great moisturizer. One of the biggest wrinkle inducers today is lack of hydration in the skin. Find yourself a high quality moisturizing night cream and you’re bound to get the results you desire.

Now that you know how to compare night creams, check out our website at for a listing of quality all natural products.

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