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Sugarloaf Maine vacation rentals can accommodate you and your friends or family whether you’re planning a fall foliage expedition, winter ski vacation or some outdoor summer adventure.

One of the biggest reasons to choose to rent a vacation home at Sugarloaf is flexibility. The variety of Sugarloaf vacation properties available to rent gives you the flexibility to mold your vacation according to your needs and interests.

Maybe you’re planning a weeklong ski vacation just for two, for example. You get a good price on a two-bedroom condo and book it. As the week approaches, you find out that your good friends are also planning to head to Sugarloaf for a couple days during your week. Since you have an extra bedroom, you can invite them to stay with you or just have them over for dinner one night. It’s up to you; the freedom of choice is yours.

One of the beauties of even a modest Sugarloaf condo rental is that it will generally have all the amenities of home, and sometimes more. Fairly standard in all vacation rentals these days are washer and dryer, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffeemaker, toaster, TV and stereo. Becoming more common all the time are hot tubs and Internet access. Some vacation-rental owners can even arrange baby-sitting, housekeeping and other services for you, although there is generally an additional charge for those.

The great thing about having all these amenities on hand is that they help you relax. Exhausted after a long day of skiing or hiking Sugarloaf’s more than 100 trails? Crash out on the living room couch for a while and watch a DVD or satellite TV. Spill something on your clothes while you were dining out? Put your outfit in the wash when you get back to your vacation home and make sure that stain isn’t permanent. With a kitchen full of appliances and all the utensils, you won’t need to eat out for every meal.

Sugarloaf vacation rentals also provide more space for all of your gear. You’ll probably be driving to Sugarloaf from somewhere in New England or Canada, so you’ll be able to pack your car with everything from skis and snowboards to kayaks and bicycles, depending on the season. If you were staying at a hotel or motel, you’d have to leave all of that stuff in your car. But many vacation rentals have garages, mudrooms or other areas to bring your recreational equipment inside for safe storage out of the elements.

If you’re planning a multi-family vacation or renting for a whole season with groups of friends, you might want to rent a larger vacation home at Sugarloaf. With more people chipping in on the price, the cost per group goes down significantly, making for a much more affordable vacation. The larger vacation homes in and around Sugarloaf will have 4, 5 or 6 bedrooms and with more bedrooms comes more bathrooms and more common living space as well. This allows for fun group activities, such as dinner parties and game nights, while leaving space for privacy and quiet time.

In the past you would have had to get a local newspaper or contact a local real estate agent to find these rental properties. But more and more Sugarloaf vacation rentals are advertising online where they can show more photos, list all their amenities, availability dates and rates. Some great Web sites to find Sugarloaf vacation homes or condos are HomeAway.com and CyberRentals.com.

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